How it Works is a socially-driven lead-generation platform that helps businesses connect with the people most relevant to them, and allows independent sales professionals and connectors to earn money making smart connections for those businesses. - How it Works

How is used to generate leads?

Every business needs good leads. With better leads come more customers, better pricing on goods and services, and more options when looking for a deal. When people are looking for a service provider or vendor, one of the first things they do is ask their friends if they know anyone who fits the bill. Our platform enables you to have that conversation with thousands of people at a time, reaching across the social web and into professional networks to put you in touch with the people who will be most interested in doing business with you.

How do I get started generating leads?

To start getting leads, sign up free. You can then post a bounty, to be paid out only when the first of the people you are looking to reach gets in touch with you.

A post will be a description of what you do, with links to your rave reviews across the web. It can include a special offer, a solicitation for a business partnership or even a particular high-value business conversation you are looking to have.

You then define what questions you need answered in order to know that an individuals is who you are looking to get in touch with with – whether prospective customers or business partners.

Once you’ve defined exactly what kind of leads you want, you mobilize our community of business match-makers, or “Bounty Hunters,” to send your post to the people they think will be most interested by offering a reward, or “bounty.”

Learn more about posting a bounty.
What is a bounty?

A bounty is a reward paid out to someone (a ‘Bounty Hunter’) who generates a qualified lead for you. The potential lead has been identified and sent to your post by the Bounty Hunter and then confirms they are interested and answers you custom questions.

So with BusinessLeads, you are paying a bounty for a lead that is a person selected by someone they know in accordance with your exact guidelines. You pay once they’ve:

  • Viewed your post, reviewing whatever you are offering or proposing
  • Answered your custom questions to qualify if they are who you are looking to talk to
  • Decided to begin a business conversation with you by initiating contact through our platform


How much does it cost to post?

It is free to post to during out beta period. We run a test charge of $1 to make sure you are set to begin accepting leads once they are generated. Posting fees we put in place after the beta period will be fully refundable if no qualified leads have been generated within 90 days. As part of our service to you, BusinessLeads specialists will assist you with your post creation and strategy, to make sure you get the most out of our platform.


How does the whole thing work?

Once you’ve offered a bounty, anyone can become a Bounty Hunter by sharing a unique link to your post with people in their network who are good prospects for you. Those prospects check out your post,  fill out your questions and submit it to you. This begins a business conversation.  You have the opportunity to review the answers the person provided to your questions and determine if they meet the criteria that you established for qualification. If it is was not completed according to your specs or the info is wrong – you reject the lead. If the lead has all the info you requested in your form, it is a good lead and you accept it. The Bounty Hunter is paid when you accept the lead.


What is a good lead?

A good lead is one where all the information you requested is submitted and meets the criteria you established. For example, if you are selling sugar and requested to be referred to people who buy 400 pounds of sugar or more per week, and the person referred stated in the form that they buy 40 pounds at a time – that would be grounds for rejecting the lead. The lead still may have value to you and you may decide at that time to accept it regardless.

If a prospect fills out the form and the responses match your guidelines, that prospect is a good lead and should be accepted. If you subsequently contact the lead and they do not like your price or the interaction simply does not result in a sale for some other reason – that does not qualify it as a bad lead. It remains a fine lead and a qualified prospect – but as we all know, not all qualified prospects end up customers.


How do I know that I am getting good quality leads?

If the leads are not good quality, if information is erroneous or simply way off target – simply reject the leads and you will never pay.  If you do reject a lead you will need to give a short reason for the rejection.


How do I know that bounty hunters won’t spam their networks with my post?

We have worked hard to remove any incentive for them to do so; bounty-hunters will only get paid if you are happy with the leads they are sending you, so it is in their best interest to be highly selective in who they share your post with. You rate every lead, and a bounty-hunter’s low rating is visible on the site and will discourage members of our community from working with them.

Bounty-hunters have worked hard to build up their professional networks. If they spam their friends and contacts with information that is not relevant, they will irritate and alienate their network, finding themselves de-friended and blocked.

Bounty-hunting on


How can I become a “Bounty Hunter”?

Anyone can become a “Bounty Hunter” by sharing a post with someone that is interested in what is being offered. When that person indicates that they are interested and answers the questions put forth by the business, a bounty is earned.

How do I earn a bounty?

  1. Share your unique URL to the post (clearly visible on each post & generated just for you) via social media or email  with individual contacts you think would benefit from the offer.
  2. When your contact fills out the post’s response form and the lead information is accepted by the post owner, you earn the bounty and the bounty is transferred to your account.


How do I know I will get paid for the leads I generate?

Although an advertiser can theoretically reject all the leads you send them and get away with not paying – it would not be in their interest because they will earn a terrible reputation through our feedback system and the low lead-acceptance rate that will be public on the site. With a bad reputation, they will have a difficult time getting people to source leads for them, so it is in their best interest to be good citizens.

Advertisers create posts because they need the leads you can generate for them, and the last thing they want to do is kill the goose… so if the leads are good, they will be happy to pay your bounties so that the bounty-hunters will continue to send leads their way.

What are some use cases?


1. Recruiters Locating Talent

  • $500 Bounty for Programmer With 5+ Years of Experience
  • Bounty Hunter earns the bounty by sending post to her friend. He’s happy to learn about this position. Recruiter happy since the lead-cost is very little compared to their reward for placement of the right candidate.

2. Businesses Seeking New Clients

  • $200 Bounty for Facility Managers at Top Hotels Seeking New Dining ChairsBounty Hunter shares the post, which offers to beat competitor’s pricing, with business contact who manages facilities at 5-star Hotel. Earns bounty and a thank you from his friend.

3. High-Value Introductions

  • $1500 for an introduction to tech company exec seeking to hire teams of Java Programmers
  • Bounty Hunter posts earns the money putting the advertiser in touch with a friend whose company was just funded – seeking to assemble a team. The advertiser is happy; the deal is worth tens of thousands to him.

4. Want to Reach a Celebrity? Put a bounty on it!

  • $5000 for a phone call with Mark Zuckerberg
  • Mark’s friends earn the bounty by sending him the link to your post. He reads about your business, responds that he’s interested in speaking with you, confirms it’s him via Facebook message and the bounty is paid to the Bounty Hunter.