Five Ways to Make Extra Cash in the Crowdsourced Economy

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Crowdsourcing is huge. Businesses everywhere are realizing that they can harness the power of the crowd for everything from identifying their brand in photos, to paying thousands of people to hum their jingle to plunking down large sums to be set up with the right professional contacts you’re connected to on LinkedIn. Everyone can use a few extra dollars these days. Here are the top five ways to get in on the earning side of the crowdsourced economy:

5.) Five bucks isn’t that much money. But with a huge menu of random tasks, many of them digital, that you can perform right at your computer – for $5 a piece – you can make a nice chunk of change.

The site is called



4.) If you are willing to leave the comfort of your home to spend your spare time doing some odd jobs and errands for busy folks in your town, you can make a nice bundle of spending money using



3.) You’ve got interests. You’ve got hobbies. You’ve even got obsessions you just love engaging in. You should be making money doing what you love. Discover new ways to turn your interests, hobbies and talents into profit by listing them for sale on Similar to TaskRabbit, but with a recent pivot to focus more intently on the specific interests or hobbies of its providers, Zaarly is a showcase of interesting goods and services that you never thought you’d be able to jump right in and put to market. Think again.



2.) The original crowdsourced work market was conceived by none other than They created a site that allowed people anywhere in the world to perform small jobs, or micro-tasks that could be automated, allowing web sites to act with human intelligence, to moderate photos or to transcribe audio of video files. Anyone can sign up and begin earning. Though some tiny tasks have very small payouts, there could be thousands of them available. Some larger payouts are also available for transcription services.


Mechanical Turk



1.) You know people, right? Well businesses know they want to get in touch with some of those people. And they are willing to pay a bounty of $50 to $2,500 to reach the right person. Just browse the bounties available at and earn as many as you can. Even if nobody comes to mind, you can share the fact that there is a bounty available and if someone else earns it you get a cut.

Make real money! Bounties



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