$2,500 Bounty for Mark Zuckerberg!

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Mark ZuckerbergWe want to have a business conversation with Mark Zuckerberg.

We want his feedback on some forward-thinking Facebook integration we are considering for BusinessLeads.com. Ideally, we’d like to speak with him tomorrow. Startup pipe dreams, right? Wrong.

Here’s what we’ve done to make that happen:

We posted a bounty on BusinessLeads.com. Anyone who has a direct line to Mark can let him know we are looking to connect. When they succeed in getting his attention and he contacts us via our post to set a time to talk, the connector (who we call a ‘Bounty Hunter’) earns the bounty – in this case $2,500.

Simple, right?

We’re excited about this model of crowdsourcing business connections for a few reasons.

First off, it allows businesses to reach the exact people they want to reach by crowdsourcing their business development, whether a good sales lead or a potential partner for a joint venture.

Also, it enables the connectors, influencers and sales pros of the world to earn good money developing the connections they are so good at creating – and without any follow-up calls about finally sending over that finder’s fee.

Lastly, it balances out the lead-generation process so you actually end up talking only to a business you want to speak with rather than reluctantly fielding repeated phone calls just because you downloaded some White Paper that one time. From a sales perspective, it saves all the time and resources spent targeting and developing business prospects, instead focusing on having real business conversations and closing deals.

The platform can also be used to reach that one person you’ve always wanted to have that one conversation with. We want to reach Mark Zuckerberg. Who do you want to reach?

Want to get a hold of your state governor?

Put a bounty on it.

Want to get in touch with CTOs in the market for a new software solution you provide?

Put a bounty on it.

You sell chairs wholesale and want to reach event hall facilities managers?

Just put a bounty on it.

It’s that simple. Try it today or go earn some good bounties: https://BusinessLeads.com


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