Earn Rewards Helping Businesses Connect
You Might be a Bounty Hunter If…
You are an independent sales professional.
Independent Sales and Business Development Pro
Independent Sales
You can sell ice to Eskimos . . .

Business Development
When you connect with a prospect, they buy what you’re selling . . .

Sales Development
You just wish you had a bigger portfolio of products to sell.

You’re a prospecting lead generation machine.
Lead Prospecting Pro
Lead Prospecting
You can develop sales leads anywhere, anytime, anyplace . . .

Sales Lead Generation
You consistently produce ready-to-do-business leads . . .

Sales Lead Development
You’ve developed an extensive professional network.

You’re a connector or influencer.
Networkers, Connectors and Influencers
Sales Connection
You’ve got tons of real
connections. . .

Social Network
People come to you asking you if you “know a guy”. . .

Earn Money
You’d love to earn money helping people connect.

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